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ROAD is a 51 minute non-linear, BW/Color, mystery/thriller motion picture by independent filmmaker Daniel Rodriguez that was shot entirely on Super 8mm & 16mm film. It has been in the making for almost a decade.

Although having participated in past Frida Cinema events such as The Art Institute Film Festivals & La Cundina in 2019, this will be Daniel's first debut solo movie premiere.

ROAD is about a down on his luck man named Robbie, who is petrified of driving and is taken under the wing of a of a car junkie named Johnny, who helps him overcome this crippling fear.

The film uses practical old school film techniques such as miniatures and harks back to noir films like Casablanca and Vertigo, suspenseful road thrillers like Duel and The Hitcher and popcorn flicks like Back to the Future and Mad Max. This event is meant to evoke old school road-show presentations and remind people of the exciting back in the day movie going experience, rather than streaming it on a laptop.

The event will take place on Saturday July 27th from 3pm - 5:30pm, ending with a Q&A with the director and filmmakers behind the movie.

For more info about the film and filmmakers, check out @rodmaxpictures on Instagram!

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 150
  • Genre Ticketed Rental

Movie Times

Saturday, July 27th