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The Church + The Sect: Michele Souvai Double Feature

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The Church + The Sect: Michele Souvai Double Feature

The Church + The Sect: Michele Souvai Double Feature

Enjoy a ghoulish double feature of films by legendary collaborator of Fulci and Argento, Michele Soavi, with 1989's The Church and 1991's The Sect!

The Church: In medieval Europe, crusading knights massacre a village full of suspected devil worshipers and build a large Gothic church above the cursed remains. It is now present day, and this elaborate cathedral still stands. But when its sealed crypt is accidentally reopened, a group of people trapped inside the church become possessed by the fury of the damned! Can the blood of the innocent survive this unholy communion, or will the ultimate demonic evil be unleashed upon the world?!

The Sect: This stylishly photographed horror movie centers upon a beautiful, good-hearted schoolteacher whose life becomes a living hell after she is chosen to bear the son of Satan. Her horrible ordeal begins when an ancient enigmatic traveller places an ancient, supposedly extinct, insect up her nose. It crawls into her brain. She soon begins having terrifying dreams and more. When she learns the awful truth about her relationship with the Dark Master things get even worse. Still the baby is born and the poor woman faces a terrible and surprising choice.

  • Rating R
  • Running time 218
  • Genre Horror

Movie Times

Wednesday, October 25th