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The Night Butcher 2: Red Carpet Premiere

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The Night Butcher 2: Red Carpet Premiere

The Night Butcher 2: Red Carpet Premiere

Behold a bloody honeymoon for the ages with the Red Carpet Premiere of The Night Butcher 2.

After Butcher (MrJ) and Vee (Victoria Venin) commit to each other for life with a blood ceremony performed by Bumpy the Clown (Marc LeBlanc) using their victims blood, they are off to Las Vegas for “A Bloody Honeymoon”.

On their way to Vegas, they continue to track down, interrogate and mutilate any and all human traffickers they come across with no mercy. During their trip they close in on a guy named Reaper (Robert Mukes), an invasive monster solely known for being an extremely dangerous and brutal Human trafficker whom is part of a large Human trafficking organization. He would sell his own mother if he could.

As Butcher & Vee continue to close in on Reaper, they find themselves caught up and becoming organ donors themselves. Little does Reaper know, the bond between Butcher & Bumpy is too strong to keep anyone down. With a powerful cast that also includes Felissa Rose, Lee Waddel, Gabriel Pimentel, and Brett Wagner, you are not going to want to miss this one!

  • Rating NYR
  • Running time 100
  • Genre Special Event

Movie Times

Friday, October 13th