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The Runner

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The Runner

The Runner

Thank you to the fine folks over at Rialto Pictures for letting us present a 4K restoration of the 1984 film The Runner!

Perhaps the first major post-Iranian Revolution films to attract worldwide attention, The Runner set the tone for many of the films which followed: realism, child's eye perspective of the world, innocence, gentleness, a setting in poor neighborhoods, exposing great disparities in wealth, resting much of the film on the shoulders of one young actor, using children's lives as analogies for (or explicit expositions of) the problems of the adult world.

The Runner was named #12 in a list of “The 25 Greatest Child Performances in Cinema History” on the film site Taste of Cinema. The Los Angeles Times called it “the greatest performance ever given by a child.”

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 94
  • Genre Drama

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Saturday, April 8th
Sunday, April 9th