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The Sudbury Devil

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The Sudbury Devil

The Sudbury Devil

Plunge into the mysterious, full-throttle horrors of The Sudbury Devil, a new film from Andrew Rakich.

The Sudbury Devil is set in 1678, two years after English colonists wiped out the indigenous people of New England in King Philip's War. All its characters bear scars from that brutal conflict, and their collective trauma has instilled a profound terror of the mysterious forests that hem in their isolated colony. They regard their settlements as bastions of godly light, poised to conquer and civilize a continent of demonic darkness. In this story, the darkness strikes back to punish New England for its sins.

At once both a no-holds-barred folk horror gem and a mischievous indictment of America's foundational rot, The Sudbury Devil is a seductively fun bit of witchery. Fully immersive to history, it can boast of being the first film ever made to feature actors speaking in period-correct 17th century accents.

  • Rating NYR
  • Running time 90
  • Genre Horror

Movie Times

Thursday, October 12th