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Totally F***ed Up: Gregg Araki Month

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Totally F***ed Up: Gregg Araki Month

Totally F***ed Up: Gregg Araki Month

Spell it out for yourself. Araki Month thrives onward with his self-proclaimed "homo movie", Totally F**ked Up.

Six gay, alienated Los Angeles teens have a hard time as their parents kick them out of their homes. They don't have money, their lovers cheat, and they're harassed by homophobes, and as their lives begin a downward spiral, these teens reckon with whether the community forged out for them even exists at all.

Shot practically without a crew (often camera-operated by Araki himself), Totally F**ked Up earns its title through freewheeling independent energy.

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 79
  • Genre Cult Cinema

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Wednesday, June 21st
Thursday, June 22nd