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Our Neon Nightmares series wraps up with Alfred Hitchcock's surprisingly twisted 1958 thriller Vertigo.

Detective John "Scottie" Ferguson (James Stewart) faces retirement after his fear of heights causes the death of a fellow officer. When an old college friend pays him to play private eye and follow his wife Madeleine (Kim Novak), who he feels might be possessed by a spirit, he proceeds to follow the mysterious woman through the beautiful streets, buildings, and parks of San Francisco – Bernard Herrmann's hypnotic score accompanying them and adding to the increasingly ominous atmosphere. When tragedy strikes, a Pandora's Box of lies, deceit, and one shocking revelation after another is unleashed.

Considered by some critics to be the greatest film ever made about the powerful and destructive force of obsession, Vertigo is Hitchcock's quintessentially dark twist on Technicolor romance.

"Combines in an almost unique balance Hitchcock's brash flair for psychological shocks with his elegant genius for dapper stylishness." - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"Alfred Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' is an artistic triumph for the master of mystery." - Wanda Hale, New York Daily News

"A motion picture of incomparable dramatic involvement and hypnotic filmmaking." - Brian Eggert, Deep Focus Review

  • Rating PG
  • Running time 128
  • Released 05-27-2022
  • Genre Thriller

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