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Volunteer Of The Month Pick: Cry-Baby

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Volunteer Of The Month Pick: Cry-Baby

Volunteer Of The Month Pick: Cry-Baby

Volunteer of the Month Nicole Henriquez's pick is 1990 teen musical and romantic comedy Cry-Baby, written and directed by John Waters.

Johnny Depp stars as 1950s teen rebel Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker, who belongs to a group of delinquent youth who refer to themselves as "drapes” and everyone else in the town as “squares.” When good girl Allison (Amy Locane), a known square, decides she wants to be bad to the bone and falls for Cry-Baby Walker, a star-crossed lovers' drama ensues.

With callbacks to Elvis musical numbers and the teen angst films of the '50s, Cry-Baby tells the story of a young couple from different backgrounds and their determination to be together against the prejudices of an entire town.

“[…] Cry-Baby effectively pokes fun at the sanitized Greases and Romeo and Juliets of the world for the queerdos and freaks alike.” - Cody Corrall, CINE-FILE

“Showcases the very best of Waters's sense of humor and enthusiasm for details, crafting a loving parody of already goofy efforts.” - Brian Orndorf,

“It's not at all difficult to declare Cry-Baby the best American movie musical in recent memory.” - Bruce C. Steele, OutWeek

  • Rating PG-13
  • Running time 85
  • Released 02-08-2023
  • Genre Comedy

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