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Volunteer Of The Month Pick: Nine to Five

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Volunteer Of The Month Pick: Nine to Five

Volunteer Of The Month Pick: Nine to Five

Our second Volunteer of the Month pick comes courtesy of Darcy Brown, who has selected Colin Higgins' 1980 favorite 9 to 5!

A group of female office workers find themselves in a rut. All-knowing, long-suffering manager Violet (Lily Tomlin) trained the boss but can't get promoted herself, bubbly personal secretary Doralee (Dolly Parton) is suspected by everyone of having an affair, and newcomer Judy (Jane Fonda) is just struggling to get her bearings after a messy divorce. Together, the three decide to seek revenge on the one man who is making all their lives miserable.

A subversive takedown of workplace sexism, 9 to 5 is bolstered by the unmatchable chemistry between its three leads.

"9 to 5 retains a barbed relevance beneath its capering and unflattering hairstyles, not to mention one of cinema's most badass trios." - Tara Brady, Irish Times

"9 to 5's strong cast ... and appealing concept (who hasn't wanted to chain up the boss at one point or another?), make it almost as relevant today as it was when it hit theaters in 1980." - Betsy Bozdech,

"9 to 5 is tremendous fun." - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

  • Rating PG
  • Running time 110
  • Genre Comedy

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