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Legendary provocateur Gaspar Noé takes on a more somber key with Vortex, starring Françoise Lebrun and Dario Argento in a rare onscreen appearance.

The Father (Argento) lives peacefully with his wife (LeBrun) in their Paris apartment. One day, the Father becomes worn down by a heart condition, rendering his health in a dire state. As his wife begins to succumb to her own suffering under dementia, the couple begin to sense finality in their togetherness, reaffirming their love as often - and as strongly - as they can.

Shot entirely in split-screen, Vortex is an emotionally searing and achingly personal detour for Noé, with performances from its lead couple containing immeasurable power.

"Noé's extraordinary film unfolds as a tale of murmured terrors and nameless dread, creeping softly around a cramped Paris apartment like a cinematic Grim Reaper.”?- Xan Brooks, The Guardian

"Doubtless, due to Noé's own real-world experiences, “Vortex” is a success [...]: a dignified, sometimes desperate tribute to, as the dedication reads, “all those whose minds will decompose before their hearts.”?- Jessica Kiang, The Playlist

"With its uncommonly human touch and restless, unflinching visual aesthetic, VortexThe Wrap

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 135
  • Released 05-20-2022
  • Genre Drama

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