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Werckmeister Harmonies: 4K Restoration

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Werckmeister Harmonies: 4K Restoration

Werckmeister Harmonies: 4K Restoration

Legendary filmmaker Béla Tarr (Sátántangó) followed up his seven-hour opus with 2000's Werckmeister Harmonies -- presented in a new 4K restoration.

In a provincial Hungarian town, hundreds of people stand around a circus tent put up in the main square to see the chief attraction -- the stuffed carcass of a whale. This strange state of affairs, including the appearance of foreigners and an extreme frost, disturbs the order of the small town. An unbearable tension is brought to an explosion by the figure of the Prince, who attempts to uphold anonymity no matter what.

Based on the book, The Melancholy of Resistance by László Krasznahorkai, Werckmeister Harmonies is a daring continuation of Tarr's unmistakably singular directorial ouvreue.

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 139
  • Genre Drama

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