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Arthouse 101

Working Girls: American Independent

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Working Girls: American Independent

Working Girls: American Independent

Director Lizzie Borden blew the independent film scene wide open with her 1986 drama, Working Girls, an essential part of our American Independent series.

Twenty-something Yale graduate Molly (Louise Smith) gets by through her job at a Manhattan brothel and a romantic relationship with a woman named Diane (Deborah Banks). Working under brothel madam Lucy (Ellen McElduff), Molly finds herself taking independence in her position when she starts to misrepresent her sessions with clients to secure more money. This becomes one of many occurences that threaten to spark a rift between Molly, Lucy, and everyone in between.

Intended by Borden as a "backstage" look at the world of New York prostitution, Working Girls has fermented with time as a raw and unflinching depiction of a world rarely depicted in film with such empathy.

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 93
  • Genre Arthouse 101

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