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X & Pearl: Double Feature

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X & Pearl: Double Feature

X & Pearl: Double Feature

In anticipation of the arrival of MaXXXine, experience the first two chapters of Ti West's masterful homage to grindhouse horror, back-to-back on the big screen, as we present a double-feature of X and Pearl!

Our July 1st double-feature kicks off with 2022's X, the story of a group of young filmmakers who set out to make an adult film in 1979 rural Texas. Choosing a remote farmhouse owned by elderly couple Howard and Pearl as their location, the crew find themselves greeted with warmth and hospitality -- until their hosts learn exactly what kind of film they're out to shoot. Boundaries between desire and horror blur in increasingly surprising ways as the night descends, leading to a bloodbath seeped in dark humor.  Mia Goth turns in a remarkable dual performance not only as ambitious porn star Maxine, but as lusty 77-year-old Pearl.

Then flashback to 1918 and witness the early days of Pearl, now featured as a young girl dreaming of escaping her rural existence for a life of stardom. Trapped on her family's isolated farm in Texas, her aspirations twist into a haunting obsession as she spirals into a chilling descent into madness that leads to bloodshed, and foreshadows future terrors to come.  Mia Goth returns as Pearl -- as well as co-screenwriter -- in a mesmerizing and acclaimed performance that earned her over shines in her return to the role of Pearl, a performance that earned her dozens of award nominations and a handful of wins, including Best Actress of the Year from Hawaii Film Critics Society.

Free Small Popcorn**Bring your ticket stub from our X + Pearl Double-Feature to any of our screenings of MaXXXine, and get a FREE SMALL POPCORN!** MaXXXine opens Friday, July 5th, with a special Sneak Preview screening on Wednesday, July 3rd!**

  • Rating R
  • Running time 260
  • Genre Horror

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