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Fungi Day 2020 Panels now available online!

All Panel Discussions Now Available on YouTube

As a special thank you to all Fungi Day attendees for your comments, questions and patience, we’re thrilled to announce that all of the panel discussions, Fantastic Fungi Field Trip, Shift in Consciousness, Nature’s Intelligence and Women Psychedelic Leaders are now available on the Fantastic Fungi YouTube page!

Pick up where you left off with our many special guests, performances, and deeper conversations below. 

Fantastic Fungi Field Trip

Featuring Founder of MycoSymbiotics, William Padilla-Brown, Mycologist Paul Stamets, Founder of Fundacion Fungi, Giuliana Furci, Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg and moderated by Filmmaker Stephen Apkon.

We invite parents, teachers and children to watch segments from Fantastic Fungi, where you can explore the mycelial kingdom, and discover how important this amazing world of organisms are to our survival.

Shift in Consciousness

Featuring Futurist and Storyteller Jason Silva, Mycologist Paul Stamets, Anthropologist and Author Jeremy Narby, Therapist and Author Francoise Bourzat and moderated by Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg.

Including a special performance from award-winning poet and songwriter, IN-Q!

We have to shift our consciousness to gain the perspective we need to bring about change. We have not changed our behavior in response to the science and the facts. We need to speak to the heart, to understand how we are all connected, because we will protect what we love.

Nature’s Intelligence

Featuring Professor of Forest Ecology, Suzanne Simard, Mycologist Paul Stamets, Biomimicry Inventor Jay Harman, Activist Tiokasin Ghosthorse and moderated by Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg.

Including a virtual performance from musician Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation!

Nature knows far more than us. What can we learn from her? All the answers we need lie literally beneath our feet. We need to lose our arrogant human-centric view and learn to live in harmony with the earth. Take a deep dive through time and scale to discover the secrets, mysteries and answers that nature can provide. 

Women Psychedelic Leaders

Featuring Executive Director of MAPS, Amy Emerson, Environmentalist Rachael Petersen, MD Researcher Pam Kryskow, M.S.W John Hopkins University, Mary Cosimano, Therapist and Author Francoise Bourzat and moderated by Therapist and Filmmaker, Marcina Hale.

Hear from the many women leading the psychedelic movement, discussing the current challenges and possibilities we face to birth the use of psychedelics during this critical time.  

Fantastic Fungi 

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