Trust us – we’ve been feverishly looking forward to Enter the Void and Irreversible director Gasper Noé’s latest head-trip Climax as much as you have!  We all just need to wait just a little bit longer than planned – whereas we were originally slated to open Climax on March 8th, due to circumstances completely beyond our control we will be moving our opening forward by one week, and will present Climax the week of March 15th.   (We still love you, A24!)

Our new dates and showtimes are:
Friday, March 15 – 11:55pm
Saturday, March 16 – 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm
Sunday, March 17 – 10pm
Monday, March 18 – 10pm
Tuesday, March 19 – 11:30pm
Wednesday, March 20 – 11:30pm
Thursday, March 21 – 11:30pm

If you purchased a ticket to any of our original dates, please rest assured your tickets will be refunded.  

Fans of A24’s incredible eye for indie cinema – and creepy horror films in general – will be pleased to know that, in Climax’s place the week of the 8th, we will be presenting A24’s acclaimed new Irish horror film The Hole in the Ground!

Thanks for your understanding! See you at The Frida!