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Markie in Milwaukee

Ends January 28th

Director Matt Kliegman’s debut feature film documentary shares Markie Wenzel’s harrowing journey in search of her place in a traditional world as transgender woman. Markie begins her transition at 46-years-old. She loses everything including membership in the Fundamental Baptist church where she preached and taught Sunday school as Mark Wenzel.

Her struggle through transition all the way up to the date of surgery and beyond, allows non-LGBTQ people a sense of what life is like when one sacrifices everything that defined them to live happy and free.

Markie seeks a place in the world where she can practice her faith, mentor others, have a relationship with God and her family while presenting her feminine self that has always been deep inside a man’s body. Wigs and make-up help Markie feel feminine yet she still faces the unrelenting challenge of being a 7-foot tall, 300-pound trans woman.

Will she stay Mark to appease those around her and stay with her parish or find companionship and rekindle family ties as Markie in Milwaukee?

Directed by Matt Kliegman | 2019 | 88 minutes | Documentary | English

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