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See It On 16mm Presents: The Thing from Another World/Them! on 16mm!
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 0 minutes
Rating: NR
Start Date: March 4, 2022
See It on 16mm Presents: Night of the Living Dead (1968) on 16mm
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 96 minutes
Rating: NR
Start Date: March 4, 2022
Presented by Rendezvous + See It On 16MM, it's George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead

A deceptively simple tale of a group of strangers trapped in a farmhouse who find themselves fending off a horde of flesh-eating ghouls newly arisen from their graves, Romero's claustrophobic vision of a late-sixties America (literally) tearing itself apart rewrote the rules of the horror genre, combined gruesome gore with acute social commentary, and quietly broke ground by casting a black actor (Duane Jones) in the lead role.

Stick around after the film for a DJ set by Rendezvous at 10pm!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show w/ Shadowcast by KAOS (Masks Required)
Genre: Musical
Runtime: 120 minutes
Rating: R
Start Date: April 8, 2022
Our award-winning resident performance troupe K.A.O.S. returns for their monthly invasion of The Frida, as they bring 1975 cult classic THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW to life with their celebrated all-costumed, all-choreographed, all-leg-kicking live shadowcast!

NOTE: Due to this event's live, interactive, and audience-facing elements, performance troupe K.A.O.S. has asked that masks be required at this event in consideration of the safety of both their performers and their audience. Please ensure you bring a mask to this event, and wear it throughout the show with exception to while taking a bite or sip in your seat. Thank you for doing your part to help keep K.A.O.S. healthy and nimble!

Director Jim (Don't squeeze the…) Sharman's cult classic stars Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon as Brad and Janet, two virginal small-town lovers whose car breaks down in the shadows of a creepy old castle, where they encounter an odd collective of “unconventional conventionalists” gathered to witness transvestite scientist's Dr. Frank-N-Furter's latest creation – a muscular man named Rocky. As their innocence is lost, Brad and Janet meet a houseful of wild characters, including tap-dancing Columbia, rocking biker Eddie, and of course, the castle's “Sweet Transvestite” himself, Frank-N-Furter!

Adapted from the 1973 stage musical by Richard O'Brien, this glam cult classic is a cinematic experience unlike any other. Sing-along (and shout-along!) to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a classic that still packs houses almost 50 years since its release! Get your tickets now before it sells out!

Doors open at 11:00pm and the official K.A.O.S. preshow starts at 11:30pm! Movie at midnight! Reminder -- masks required for this month's performance!


This is a cult movie released in 1975 with an R rating.
Film and show contain profanity and mature content.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Cosplay does NOT equal consent.
Consent is SEXY & ENTHUSIASTIC– not to mention, MANDATORY.

(No prunes, rice, hot dogs, or toast!)


RULE #6 - No smoking in the theater!

RULE #7 - Alcohol available at the concession stand
Don't puke in the theater!!! That's what those gorgeous porcelain thrones in the bathrooms are for!!!
Flashing Lights and Fog effects MAY be used during the event.
Our troupe members will never solicit you to travel to another location, offer you alcohol or any type of drugs.
If we think you would be fun to hang out with, we will you to apply to join cast through a Google form on our Linktree.
If you would like to join KAOS, talk to one of us after the show.
The Room
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 99 minutes
Rating: R
Start Date: April 23, 2022
Bust out those plastic spoons! Tommy Wiseau's The Room is returning in all its football-throwing glory!

Wiseau's peerless magnum opus finds the auteur who shaped a generation taking on the arts of acting, writing, casting, directing, editing and more. What's even more remarkable: he's mastered them all. The multi-talented director stars as Johnny, a big-time banker working in gorgeously shot San Francisco. His fiancée Lisa, seemingly a happy part of a successful relationship, has wandering eyes… for Tommy's best friend Mark. Cinema has never witnessed such betrayal!

An intense, sensual thriller, The Room is an intricately knit web of sweet secrets and bitter lies that interrogates the very form of drama itself as well as a truly unforgettable piece of cinema.

Gojira (1954)
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 96 minutes
Rating: NR
Start Date: June 2, 2022
This October, The Frida Cinema is proud to present Beautiful Monsters: A Guillermo del Toro Film Retrospective and Tribute Art Show, featuring all eleven of the Academy Award-winning director's feature films; three acclaimed films he produced; and seven films that served to inspire him. The series continues at 4th Street Market with Gojira, the very first film in the long-running Godzilla franchise!

The film begins nearly 10 years after Japan's defeat in World War II with a mysterious attack on a ship off the Japanese coast. As authorities investigate, they soon discover that the responsible party is an aquatic, 50-foot dinosaur awakened by atomic testing. As the creature makes landfall and destroys Tokyo, a reclusive scientist struggles over whether to deploy a secret weapon he has developed against the monster (and risk starting a new arms race) or to keep his terrible secret to himself and allow Godzilla's rampage to continue.

This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. To find out more about how National Endowment for the Arts grants impact individuals and communities, visit

Genre: Animation
Runtime: 100 minutes
Rating: PG
Start Date: July 11, 2022
Arvida Books' Movies 'N' the Books X Frida series continues with Coraline, Henry Selick's stop-motion adventure!

Coraline Jones (voiced by Dakota Fanning) is having trouble adjusting to her new life after a move to the Pink Palace Apartments in Ashland, Oregon. Her workaholic parents have no time or inclination to pay attention to her, and her only friends are a stray black cat and Wyborn “Wybie” Lovat, the landlady's grandson. But one day, Coraline discovers a small door in the apartment's living room, revealing a portal to a parallel universe exactly like the real world—but better, more colorful… and populated by button-eyed doppelgängers. Unlike her real parents, Corealine's Other Mother and Other Father are attentive and devoted. According to the Other Mother, Coraline could stay here with them forever if she only lets her sew buttons into her eyes...

Based on Neil Gaiman's novella of the same name, Selick's unsettling masterwork won Annie Awards for its music, character design, and production design.

“[…] Coraline is disturbing not for gory images but for the story it tells. That's rare in itself: Lots of movies are good at severing limbs, but few at telling tales that can grab us down inside where it's dark and scary.” – Roger Ebert,

“The third dimension comes of age with Coraline. The first contemporary film in which the 3-D experience feels intrinsic to the story instead of a Godforsaken gimmick, Coraline is a remarkable feat of imagination, a magical tale with a genuinely sinister edge.” – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“As creepy as it is charming, as bizarre as it is beautiful, this a true horror movie, but also a warm, brightly coloured children's fairy tale about the magic behind the everyday.” – Helen O'Hara, Empire Online

Genre: Drama
Runtime: 166 minutes
Rating: NC-17
Start Date: September 23, 2022
With actress Ana de Armas taking on the role of Marilyn Monroe, Blonde is a highly anticipated biographical drama written and directed by Andrew Dominik.

The film is an intrepid retelling of one of Hollywood's most memorable icons: Marilyn Monroe. After a traumatic childhood, Norma Jeane Mortenson (Ana de Armas) rises to fame as an actress in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Under the name Marilyn Monroe, Norma's on-screen persona heavily contrasts with the romantic entanglements, abuses of power, exploitation, and drug issues that she faces in her private life.

Based on the best-selling novel by the same name, author Joyce Carol Oates observed an early cut of the film and has praised it as a brilliant adaptation of her own novel.

Genre: Horror
Runtime: 105 minutes
Rating: NR
Start Date: September 29, 2022
Celebrate Silent Film Day with Benjamin Christiansen's classic horror film Häxan, just in time for its 100th anniversary.

Häxan is a chilling silent horror film documenting the historical roots of witchcraft in the Middle Ages, chock-full of Gothic horror, Satanism, and demonology that will broaden your perspective on all things evil. Christensen brilliantly reflects the history of witchcraft to patients suffering from hysteria in the time of the film's release. With entrancing narration sequences and eye-grabbing, documentary-style storytelling, there is no better way to spend your night.

Kick off your spooky season with one of Scandinavia's most expensive, spine-chilling films to date!

“Novel, beautiful – but not ordinary film house fare.” Film Daily

“[…] fantastically conceived and directed, holding the onlooker in a sort of medieval spell.”-  Mordaunt Hall, New York Times

“A weird and rather wonderful brew of fiction, documentary and animation based on 15th and 16th century witchcraft trials, Christensen's film has a remarkable visual flair that takes in Bosch, Breughel and Goya.” - David Thompson, Time Out

Anvil! The Story of Anvil
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 81 minutes
Rating: NR
Start Date: September 29, 2022
Take two! Anvil: The Story of Anvil has been unearthed from the vaults and fully restored for a return to the big screen.

Anvil: The Story of Anvil follows Canadian heavy-metal icons Anvil, renowned for their seminal 1982 album, Metal on Metal. Despite their influence on rising bands like Metallica and Anthrax, Anvil toiled for decades in obscurity. Underwhelming ticket sales threatened to dissolve the group while in the middle of producing their thirteenth album, but even if they finished it, could they find a label to distribute it? Director and former roadie Sacha Gervasi follows guitarist Steve "Lips" Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner as they stumble through a harrowing European tour, reflecting on failure, friendship, resilience, and the will to follow even the most impossible of dreams.

Originally premiering in theaters in 2009, this 13th anniversary edition features remastered picture and sound, as well as a new exclusive epilogue interview with director Sacha Gervasi (My Dinner with Hervé, Hitchcock) and Anvil's founding members, Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner. Moderated by former MTV host Matt Pinfield.

“Anvil! plays just like a Canuck version of Spinal Tap, the ultimate rock 'n' roll disaster movie. The only thing that stops Anvil from being completely hilarious is the realization that Kudlow and Reiner are never going to enjoy the lasting stardom they so badly crave. You can't help feeling for the guys and rooting for them. A sympathetic Gervasi is careful not to let this rockumentary go mockumentary.” - Pete Howell, The Toronto Star

“I don't know if their music is any good. Their fans think so […] But they swore a pledge when they were 14, and they're still honoring it, and at 51, Lips knows he still has it and that Anvil will be back on the charts.” - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“If you'd told me all those years ago at Sundance, when we had no buyers, that this movie would be released into theaters for the second time 13 years later I never would have believed you, but here we are. It truly is a miracle. This is all thanks to Robert and his extraordinary team at Utopia. They're brilliant to work with because they're filmmakers themselves, and their support and passion are unmatched. All Anvil and I can say is thank you!” - Steve “Lips” Kudlow

Call Me by Your Name
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 132 minutes
Rating: R
Start Date: September 29, 2022
Our Movies 'N' the Books X Frida series kicks off with Call Me by Your Name, Luca Guadagnino's critically-acclaimed romantic drama.

Written by James Ivory and based on the 2007 novel of the same name by André Aciman, the film takes place in Northern Italy in the summer of 1983. Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet), a 17-year-old American who is sophisticated and intellectual beyond his years, spends his days in his family's 17th century villa lazily transcribing music and flirting with his friend Marzia (Esther Garrel). One day Oliver (Armie Hammer), a 24-year-old graduate student working on his doctorate, arrives as the annual summer intern tasked with helping Elio's father (Michael Stuhlbarg), an eminent professor specializing in Greco-Roman culture. During their summer together, Oliver and Elio strike a strong and surprisingly complex friendship, bonding over their shared Jewish heritage, the beguiling Italian landscape, and Elio's own emerging sexuality.

A sumptuous work of art that has won over 40 international awards and received over 100 nominations, Call Me by Your Name is an unforgettable coming-of-age film brimming with passion, splendor, and emotional complexity.

“First love is as much about hesitancy as it is about exuberance, and Ivory and Guadagnino perfectly capture that sweet turmoil. This isn't just an instant LGBT classic; this is one of the great movie love stories, for audiences of all stripes.” – Alonso Duralde, TheWrap

“A complicated movie, erotic yet never graphic, heartfelt yet highly stylized. Chalamet delivers one of the year's best performances.” – Rafer Guzman, Newsday

“Even as he beguiles us with mystery, Guadagnino recreates Elio's life-changing summer with such intensity that we might as well be experiencing it first-hand.” – Peter Debruge, Variety