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The Lord of the Rings Postponed: COVID Stay At Home Order

In response to the rapid surge of COVID-19 cases throughout the state, the California Department of Public Health has issued a Limited Stay at Home order, which goes into effect this Saturday, November 21st.  This order requires that all gatherings with members of other households, and all activities conducted outside the residence, lodging, or temporary accommodation with members of other households, cease between 10PM and 5AM PST, with exception to those working in what are considered “essential” operations.
In order to comply with this curfew, we have adjusted our upcoming Drive-Ins to the earlier start time of 7PM.  We have unfortunately also had to postpone just three of our upcoming events — due to their longer running times, we are postponing our presentations of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, originally scheduled for December 4th, 5th, and 6th.   We hope to reschedule the trilogy in 2021.
All Drive-Ins scheduled from this point out will be scheduled with a 7PM start time.  As for the Drive-Ins already scheduled and announced as of this date, please note updated start times:
The Wizard of Oz, Saturday November 21st — 7PM 
Eraserhead, Tuesday November 24th — 7PM
The Shining, Friday November 27th — 7PM
Bohemian Rhapsody, Tuesday, December 1st — 7PM
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, December 4th – 6th — Indefinitely Postponed
The Jungle Book, Friday December 18th — 7PM
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Saturday December 19th — 7PM
We thank you all for your understanding!  Please stay safe out there!


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