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The Trio

Edward Scissorhands, Gremlins, & Die Hard Lead New Additions to Our December Drive-In Lineup!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…but it’s always cozy in your car!  We are excited to announce that our Pop-Up Drive-In series will continue in December — including three classic titles that have become annual Frida Cinema Christmas-season staples!
First, we get it — not everyone considers Die Hard a “Christmas Movie.”  And as the 1988’s action classic’s legacy has grown over the years, it’s been as surprising to those who’ve always considered Die Hard a Christmas movie to learn that there are folks who find the idea completely ludicrous, as it’s been to those who’ve never considered Die Hard to be a Christmas movie to learn there’s a reason revival cinemas tend to program it around this time of year. While Entertainment Weekly called it “the perfect Christmas movie,”  the BBC’s “People are claiming Die Hard is a Christmas film and it’s tearing the internet apart. Again.” is just one of hundreds (literally) of articles you’ll find online suggesting that this unlikeliest of cinematic controversies is far from over.  There may be no greater dissertation than’s “Using data to determine if Die Hard is a Christmas movie” — and even that exhaustive examination ends with a less-than-definitive answer.  To which I say: such is art.
Over at The Frida, we definitely consider Die Hard a Christmas Movie, and since 2014 it has joined two other is-it-or-isn’t-it classics – 1984’s Gremlins and 1990’s Edward Scissorhands, the latter first brought to us as part of CinemAttack’s Winter Formal – as annual December staples in our programming.  This year, as our cinema continues is temporary closure due to COVID-19, we’re keeping this tradition going via our Pop-Up Drive-In!
Visit for our updated list of Drive-In titles and locations!  Also added to our roster today: fellow Christmas-themed classics Batman Returns and Black Christmas; 1968 Kaiju classic Destroy All Monsters; one of the newer Frida audience favorite, 2019 WTF-musical Cats; and to close out 2020, the highest-grossing first-run release in our cinema’s history, Panos Cosmatos’ visionary 2018 thriller Mandy!
We’ll see you at the Drive-In!  Stay safe out there!


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