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A Nightmare On Fourth Street: Marathon Fundraiser For The Frida

The Frida Cinema is reopening — and we need the help of our fellow film-lovers to make it happen!
Announcing A Nightmare on Fourth Street: Marathon Fundraiser for The Frida!
– Support our campaign with a tax-deductible contribution!  You can either simply MAKE A DONATION, or you can SPONSOR A PERK FOR A MARATHONER such as a slice of pizza, popcorn, soft drinks, and more during their upcoming Marathon!  Either way, make sure to let us know during checkout which marathoner your contribution is in sponsorship of!
– Sign up to BECOME A FUNDRAISING MARATHONER! On Saturday, June 5th, starting at 1pm, our die-hard Marathoners will sit back — and try to stay awake! — as horror icon Freddy Krueger slashes his way through eight classic films, starting with 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, all the way through 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason!  When you sign up to join us as a Marathoner, the fundraising starts right away! We’ll set you up with your
own fundraising page to share with friends and so they can sponsor perks for you, which will truly come in handy throughout your cinematic endurance test in support of your favorite nonprofit art house cinema!  Plus, you’ll earn even more prizes as you hit fundraising milestones along the way!  AND, we’ll be throwing our fundraising challenges along the way, giving you opportunities to collect even more prizes!   And of course, we’ll have a special prize for those of you who stay awake through the entire event!
Again — donors who sponsor perks in your name are getting those perks for YOU!  And trust us, you’ll be needing things like Hypnocil Sponsors (gets you coffee and soft drinks!), Crave Inn Sponsors (gets you slices of pizza!), Nap Passes Sponsors (allow you to catch some zzz’s in our Sleep Chamber without losing your chance at your prize for staying awake through the event!), Hall Pass Sponsors (no running in the hallway…), and more!
Registration costs $50, and we’re limiting the event to 50 Marathoners!  We’re challenging our Marathoners to raise $1,000 each — and to help get you halfway there, we’ll refund your $50 registration fee when you hit $500 in raised donations! 
The much-needed funds you raise will support The Frida Cinema’s programming, operations, and reopening efforts after our 14-month closure due to COVID-19!  We thank you in advance!

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