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A Nightmare On Elm Street Marathon Fundraiser

Register For A Nightmare On Fourth Street: Marathon Fundraiser For The Frida Cinema!

The Frida Cinema is finally reopening — and we need help from our community of fellow film lovers to make it happen!
Join us as a fundraising Marathoner at A Nightmare on Fourth Street: Marathon Fundraiser for The Frida Cinema!  Share your love of our organization with your friends and social media followers on your own fundraising page, and ask them to sponsor the nightmarish cinematic odyssey you’ll be embarking on Saturday, May 15th, when we’ll invite you to sit back, relax, and try to stay awake! as big-screen horror icon Freddy Krueger slashes his way through eight classic films, presented back-to-back starting with 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, all the way through 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason!   Make it all the way through the series without falling asleep, and we’ll hook you up with an awesome prize!
But how can I possibly stay awake through eight films, you ask?  The good news is, with the help of your sponsors, you may not exactly have to…  Along with simple donations, your sponsors can pick up great perks for you on your fundraising page, including Nap Passes which allow you to take 30-minute naps in our Sleep Chamber without it counting against your marathon goal!  Plus sponsors can pick up Crave Inn Passes (good for slices of pizza!), Hypnocil Passes (good for coffee or soft drinks!), and more!
Your participation and fundraising efforts will make a huge impact in supporting The Frida Cinema, Orange County’s only nonprofit art house cinema, as we move forward with reopening our cinema after over a year of closure during COVID-19.  Not only do we have over $12,500 in necessary repairs and upgrades, but if we are to sustain our popular new Pop-Up Community Drive-In series, as well as continue with plans for some educational programs that were in the works prior to COVID-19, all while reopening The Frida to the seven-day-a-week cultural center that it was, we need to take on part-time staff, as well as invest in infrastructure to sustain our growth.  In short — we really need your help!
Registration, Fees and Fundraising Goals: Each Marathoner will be asked for a $100 Registration Fee upon signing up, which will be refunded to you once you hit $750 in donations!  Registration is open to all, but sign up early — we’re limiting our Marathoners to a maximum of 50 individuals!  You are welcome to set your own goal, but we encourage all Marathoners to try to raise at least $1,000 in donations!  (And we’ll have some perks for those who do!)
What are you waiting for?  Register below, or visit this link, to become a Marathoner at A Nightmare on Fourth Street: Marathon Fundraiser for The Frida Cinema!
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