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$25,760 Raised For The Frida! Thank you!

Last month, inspired by a clever and successful fundraiser conducted by our colleagues at Sidewalk Film Center (thanks Chloe Cook!), we turned to 50 of our fellow horror fans to raise much needed funds to help us reopen The Frida.  With the promise of an eight-title Nightmare on Elm Street marathon as the Grand Finale of a monthlong fundraising campaign, we launched our campaign on May 8th — and 462 donations later, we hit and surpassed our goal of $25,000 for a total of $25,760!
And we did it four hours, and two movies, ahead of our deadline!  Not that this kept the vast majority (32!) of our intrepid fundraisers from leaving the marathon any earlier than the ultimate close of Freddy vs. Jason, just past 3am!
Thank you to each and every donor who contributed to our campaign; to our amazing event partners at 4th Street Market, Wursthaus, and Coffee Muse for keeping our Marathoners fed and caffeinated; to Yvonne Flores and Westcliff Properties, Laura Vasquez of Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, Chapter One: the modern local, and Desi Reyes of First Team Real Estate for their generous sponsorship of the event; to Ryan Cox and Yelp Orange County for their awesome Perk Bags and prizes; to Warner Bros. for embracing the concept and working with us on bringing eight iconic Freddy Krueger classics back to the big screen for a great cause; and of course, to our amazing Marathoners!:

John Carlos McMaster
Charlie Gage
Sandi Fifield
Laura V. Vasquez
Owen Ela
Dark Alley Productions
Andrew Allen
Clint Tauscher
Alex Martinez of LA Arts Society
Lizandro Salgado
Mike Stute
Camille Hostetter
Max Ney
C Hostetter
Max Matta From Horrorbuzz
Krystina Alfonso
Diego Crespo
James Hakola
Michael A. Aguirre
Casey Moriarty
Ghost Party
Anthony Moore
Trevor Dillon
Christian Alvarez
Crystal Arreola Martinez
Amanda Leslie
Ana Cardona
Chad Leslie
Michelle Coronado
Cody Chavez of Nostalgic Nebula
Trevor Hagen
William Manson
Aryanna Jordan
Deborah Hakola
John Duarte
Rick Johnson
Cheryl Olson
Dre Villa
Mason Irwin
Michael Escamilla
Nathan Villa
Olivia Marquez
Sean Quinn
David Anton
Erika Grauman
Harlan Hogerhuis
Jon Cott
Joshua Waldrop
and Michael Hogerhuis.



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