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Wintemute Family Matching Challenge Frida

Your donation will be MATCHED by The Wintemute Family Foundation through June 30th!

To help ensure we reach our 5 Year Anniversary goal of $50,000, our friends at the Wintemute Family Foundation have pledged a $7,500 Matching Challenge through the month of June!

Every donation made on this page will be doubled by the Wintemute Foundation!  BUT!!…

– We need to hit their Matching Challenge of $7,500 to receive their donation!
– We need to do it by June 30th!

Please make a one-time or recurring donation today! Every dollar raised through this special site through June 30th will be matched by The Wintemute Family Foundation, and will ensure we can continue to serve our community with more enriching and diverse cinema and events!

About The Frida Cinema’s 5 Year Anniversary Campaign

The Frida Cinema is proud and grateful to celebrate our fifth anniversary — now, we need your help to ensure we keep going.

In celebration of our first five years – and in the effort to ensure our non-profit organization successfully celebrates another five years of success, and rings in Year Ten with you! – we are on a mission to raise $50,000 in Five Months. It is by far the largest fundraising campaign we’ve undertaken – and we need your partnership to and support to ensure we meet our goal.

An art house cinema is inherently a risk-taking organization. It is risky to bring you a quality genre film from a micro-budget distributor or studio with zero marketing dollars, rather than play a sure-fire hit that has posters plastered on buses and cereal boxes – but we exist to bring you that quality genre film. It’s risky to provide some of our films and events free of charge, or offer a double-feature for the price of one ticket, or price an event at far less than what a competing cinema might charge – but we want you to have that experience. That’s our Mission – it is literally why The Frida Cinema exists.

We are dedicated to continue to serve our community as Orange County’s only non-profit, independent art house cinema as long as you can, but we need your support to continue to grow, take risks, and to keep the ART in Art House for another ten years and beyond!

Every dollar donated to The Frida ensures more film, more variety, more experiences, and more memories. Please make a one-time or recurring contribution to our $50,000 Campaign today! Donate at this link to have your donation doubled by The Wintemute Family Foundation!


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