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Orange County Improv Festival Opens Thursday!

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Embark on a three-day event of unscripted comedy, shenanigans, and drama as The Orange County Improv Fest celebrates its annual event at The Frida Cinema!

The Orange County Improv Fest is an annual festival in which we feature outstanding and diverse improv teams in THREE talent-packed nights of unscripted comedy. Come any or all nights (June 13-15) to see improvised comedy in all shapes in sizes: including improvised musicals, melodramas, action, and straight-up silly games like those of “Whose Line is It Anyway” fame. In one sitting you will see teams from OC, LA, San Diego, and beyond! One ticket is good a whole night, and a ticket for each night is sold separately.

First held in 2013, OCIF was conceived to celebrate the growing and diverse improv community of Orange County, California. The largest improv event in Orange County, the OC Improv Fest is committed to the celebration and elevation of improvisation, as well as forging friendships across cities and states with diverse and open-minded performers. Come be a part of the fun!

****Thursday June 15th – $15 (7pm-10pm)**** Block 1: Lumberjack Baristas, Snatch’d, Jean Wilder, We’ll Adapt, Jolly Playtime Block 2: Mom & Dad Are Fighting Again, MENUDO, Kid Goblin, La Ronde James

****Friday June 16th – $20 (7pm-11pm)***** Block 1: Lady Bits, One Shot, Starlight High, Delicious Moments, Heyday, CHUGGA CHUGGA Block 2: Convoy, Chad Performs Silent Clown, Teachers’ Lounge OC, Movie Night, Tan Sedan

****Saturday June 17th – $20 (7pm-11pm)**** Block 1: Improv Revolution, Festival Ensemble, TVUnscripted, Belle Reve, MAX, South Asian AF Block 2: Basement Doctors, Red Door, Emergency Contact, Don’t Tell Nancy, Sini-Gang

For the full schedule, FAQ, workshop info, and team photos, visit

The Orange County Improv Festival opens Thursday, June 13th.
Thursday, June 13th – 7pm
Friday, June 14th – 7pm
Saturday, June 15th – 7pm


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