Streaming Cinema FAQ

Streaming Cinema FAQ

What is Streaming Cinema?

Streaming Cinema is an exciting new way to support The Frida Cinema! In partnership with many of the independent distributors that we’ve worked with over the years, Streaming Cinema allows us to continue to share wonderful, diverse, and award-winning new releases and classic restorations to our audiences to enjoy safely in their homes, with a portion of proceeds from every rental directly supporting The Frida! Our catalog is listed on our Streaming Cinema page on our homepage’s menu bar. Most of our films are accessible through Eventive, with a portion being hosted on Vimeo, both of which have apps available for Roku, Apple Tv, Chromecast, and Smart Tv’s.  

How do I purchase tickets?

Visit our Streaming Cinema page on the menu bar above to see our updated roster of titles.  To learn more about a film and watch its trailer, click on the title of the film; to rent the film, click on the yellow Click to Stream button.  The vast majority of our films are featured on our Eventive channel; to rent and watch them, click ‘Unlock Now’ and follow the subsequent dialogue boxes to set up an account (or log in, if you already have one) and continue to checkout. Once purchased, the film will appear in your Content Library (see below) once you’re logged into Eventive.

In the rare occasion that a film is not available on the Eventive app, you will be directed to the distributor’s rental page when you click Click to Stream, and their platform will contain directions as to how to rent and watch your film.

Prices are set by distributor, and vary depending on title and distributor.  The most common rental price is $12.  Film Club Members save on all of our titles, with rare exception when a discount is prohibited by distributor; click here to learn about our Film Club, and to join us and start saving on your streaming rentals, drive-in events, and more!

Can I watch with an HDMI cable?

Yes! To watch on your TV, plug in your HDMI cable to your laptop or computer, and the other end to your TV. Some devices such as a MacBook may require a special adapter. The display on your device should transfer over to your TV, and from there you can go full screen on the video and press play.

How can I stream the film on my Smart TV?

Virtually all of our streaming titles are available on either Vimeo or Eventive.  We recommend adding both apps on your Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Smart TV’s.  Click here to learn how to download the Eventive app, and click here to learn how to download the Vimeo app! 

After you set up an account, any film purchase from either Vimeo or Eventive will appear in that app’s Content Library.   Just make sure you’re logged in with the same email address you used to rent your films!

For any further questions, please send us an email at We will get back to you shortly!

Thank you for supporting The Frida Cinema!  Enjoy your streaming films!