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Suspiria is My Baby: A List Poem

Suspiria is my baby” is a phrase that identifies me at The Frida Cinema. I could wax poetically* all day about Dario Argento’s 1977 supernatural horror film**. It was the subject of my Masters thesis. But rather than write another analytical piece about it, I’m in the mood for some fun. And since I’m taking a graduate poetry class, here’s a list poem to show why Suspiria surely is my baby:


Ooh, pretty colors!

Goblin’s bitchin’ prog-rock score

Major crushing on Jessica Harper***

So many fairy tale references****

A Strong Heroine

Written by a Woman*****

Laughably poor dubbing

Did I mention the pretty colors?

All of them witches

Eastman Color & 3-Strip Technicolor******

Spooky shadows

Jarring camera angles

Bad Pupper!

Random reference to The Exorcist

Over-the-top murder set pieces

Florescent fake blood

Maggoty food

All the wine

Fires everywhere

Baby-faced Udo Kier*******

Disappearing footsteps 

The most fake bat ever

Wire that looks like a twisted Slinky

Random cigarette smoking

Colored irises

Ambiguous smiles


PS Suspiria is my baby.



*No, it is not an Italian giallo film. Fight me! (Actually, don’t . . . that might hurt. A lot.)

**Gotta love the ironic pun of me writing a poem after speaking about waxing poetically about Suspiria.

***Sorry, Saoirse Ronan, you’re still my main bae. I love you.

****My Masters thesis examined the intertextual references Suspiria makes to Thomas De Quincey’s Suspiria de Profundis and classic fairy tales, including Hansel & Gretel, Snow White, and Bluebeard. (Wait, nobody cares. Getting off my soap box now.)

*****RIP Daria Nicolodi (June 19, 1950 – November 26, 2020)

****** Even more gushing over pretty colors.

*******But they don’t use his actual voice in the dubbing. Sad face.