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Thank You: Film Club Community Member Partner


Our Next Steps

Our team will be doing our part to get our Film Club Members to mosey on over to your establishment!  We’ll be announcing your participation to our Film Club Member family with a post on their film page, as well as adding your logo, address, website, and discount to our Film Club Partner webpage.  Moreover, we’ll be sharing a post on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts notifying our followers that your business has joined our Film Club Partner program — a combined following of over 60,000 people!

Your Next Steps

  1. Please let your staff know that your business has joined The Frida Cinema Film Club Partner program, and familiarize them with the discount that you have selected for our Film Club Members.  We will be instructing our Film Club Members to make sure to show their cards in order to receive their discounts.  Please take a moment to provide your team with an example of what our Digital Membership Card looks like; here’s an example on the right!

  2.  Keep us posted! We welcome any opportunity to help spread the word about updates at your business, upcoming events, promotions, and special announcements!  Always feel free to email us at if your business has special news to spread!


 Thank you once again!