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The Pit

The Pit

November 20th – December 17th

It Came from the ’80s! – Rawhead Rex, Link, The Pit, and Parasite. Purchase a Series Pass to gain access to all 4 films for $20, or individually for $8 a film!

Twelve-year old Jamie is an outcast in his small town—he is bullied, he shows signs of being a sexual deviant, and he has no friends aside from his demonic teddy bear, Teddy.

Influenced by commands he hears from Teddy, Jamie lures his unsuspecting tormentors one by one to a forest pit that he has discovered on the outskirts of town, so that they can be devoured by the man-eating troglodytes that dwell at the bottom of THE PIT!

Directed by Lew Lehman | 1981 | 96 minutes | Canada | English

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