Tickets now available for December 6th encore screening of Neil Breen’s TWISTED PAIR! Tonight’s show Sold Out!

Encore Screening!

Our November screening of writer-director Neil Breen’s latest opus sold out!  So we’re giving you a second chance to behold Breen in his dual performance as Cade Altair and Cale Altair in science-fiction thriller Twisted Pair!

As per usual, Breen’s synopsis is short and sweet: “Identical twin brothers become hybrid A.I (artificial intelligence) entities, yet torn in different directions to achieve justice for humanity.”

There’s nothing quite like taking in a Neil Breen film with an audience of Neil Breen fans – and with those few among them who are as-yet unfamiliar with Breen, and have no idea what they’re in for…  Tickets now available, and already going fast!  Don’t miss Twisted Pair at The Frida!

Thursday, December 6th – 8pm

$11.  Special Rental Event: Comp Passes and Member Discounts not accepted.

Written and Directed by Neil Breen.  89 minutes.  2018.  Not Rated.