Virtual Cinema FAQ

Virtual Cinema FAQ

What is Virtual Cinema?

Virtual Cinema is an exciting new way to support The Frida Cinema! Films are released to Video On Demand by various distributors, who create specific links for the films so that we receive a portion of the ticket sales! Once you purchase a virtual ticket to stream a film, the amount of time you will be given to stream the film will vary depending on the distributor, but is typically 48 hours. Our catalog is posted on our front page, with both a ‘Now Streaming’ and ‘Coming Soon’ section. We offer new streaming films every week! To purchase tickets, click on the red ‘TICKETS’ button to be redirected to the distributor’s streaming site. Check to see if The Frida Cinema is mentioned on the site in order to make sure that we get a portion of the ticket sales!

How do I watch with Roku / Firestick?

Films are often hosted on Vimeo, or in the case of some distributors like Kino Lorber and Film Movement, they may have their own Smart TV app to stream the films!

  • If purchasing a film hosted on Vimeo, you will be asked to log in or create an account. Once purchased, login to Vimeo on your Smart TV and it should appear in your Library/Purchased Videos!

Can I watch with an HDMI cable?

Yes! To watch on your TV, plug in your HDMI cable to your laptop or computer, and the other end to your TV. Some devices such as a MacBook may require a special adapter. The display on your device should transfer over to your TV, and from there you can go full screen on the video and press play.

How do I cast to my Chromecast?

To cast to your TV using Google Chromecast, follow these steps:

  • Start to play the movie on your device.
  • You should see a casting button somewhere on your screen, either in the top right or bottom right corner.
  • If casting from a computer, go to your settings in the browser, and there should be a “Cast” option. Once selected, a window should prompt you to select which device to cast to. Both device and TV need to be connected to the same network!
  • For more help, visit the chromecast website at

How do I cast this to my Apple TV?

You can do that using a method called AirPlay Video! Here is how to do it:

  • Start the film on your Apple device.
  • The AirPlay logo (a rectangle with a triangle) should be on the top or bottom right corner.
  • Tap the icon, then select Apple TV.
  • Make sure AirPlay is enabled by going to Settings > General > Airplay & Handoff. Further instructions can also be found at

For any further questions, please send us an email by going to our menu bar above and clicking About > Contact Us. We will get back to you shortly!

Thank you for supporting The Frida Cinema!