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Welcome to Commie High

Ends January 28th

“Welcome to Commie High” explores an experiment in public education—Community High School. The film follows its humanistic, anti-establishment origins in the early 70s through its survival into the 90s, when sudden demand for this alternative, small school led to a phenomenon of lines, camping and lottery systems. Today Community High stands as one of the few remaining public schools from America’s “free school” movement. Filmed over the 2016 – 2017 school year, we see how the “Commie High” model has evolved and continues to reflect the world around it.

Directed by Donald Harrison | 2020 | 93 minutes | US | English

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“This is terrific! I loved—LOVED—every second of it. It was funny and moving and topical and interesting. My attention never wavered for a second.” — Ken Burns