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Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle

21st Century Cult Continues with Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

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Good morning Angels! Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle roars into our 21st Century Cult series with another mission for Alex, Dylan, and Natalie!

The Angels (Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz) are ready to go undercover to retrieve two missing silver wedding bands containing valuable encrypted information — the new identities of every person in the Federal Witness Protection Program. When witnesses start to turn up dead, only the Angels can stop the perpetrator by using their expertise as masters of disguise, espionage, and martial arts.

Like the first film, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle is a showcase of strong action set pieces and fantastic wardrobes (“especially considering the fact that they go everywhere without suitcases” as Roger Ebert notes). The difference? This time Demi Moore joins in on the fun with a great performance as Madison Lee that you won’t want to miss!

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle screens starting Friday, May 19th.
Friday, May 19 – 10pm
Saturday, May 20 – 10pm
Sunday, May 21 – 8:30pm


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