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4th Street Market Movie Trivia

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Trivia 6pm – 7:30pm

This month’s theme: INTERNATIONAL CINEMA

Think you know your Kurosawa from your Buñuel?  Form a team of up to six of your fellow film and trivia lovers, and flex your brain as we grill you through three rounds of trivia at 4th Street Market Movie Trivia! These events will be held outside on the 4th Street Market patio, 201 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

Trivia starts at 6pm, and ends at 7:30pm — just in time to catch our 7:45pm screening of Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors: Red just a block away at The Frida!  All participants will be given a ticket to the screening!   And of course, winning team will also still win Frida Cinema film passes and concessions vouchers!

See our rules below, then register your team in the form below. Participation is free, but we do need you and your team to RSVP!  Don’t forget to hit Submit when finished entering your info!


1) Trivia starts at 6pm sharp.  4th Street Market restaurants will be open all day, so you’re welcome and encouraged to come a bit earlier and grab a bite at one of 4th Street Market’s family of eateries so you’re back at your seat and all set for trivia by 7pm! Please give yourself time to make your food and drink purchases before start time!  There will also be a break between the second and third rounds.

2) While we are in rounds, cell phones must be put away.

3) We will be utilizing the big screen for some of the rounds, so bring your glasses if ya need ’em!

4) Correct spelling on the answer sheets is not required — but legibility is! Please write clearly!

5) Unless otherwise specified, we are looking for full titles if the answer is a sequel (i.e., “Harry Potter Part 2” or “Friday the 13th Part 7” would not count…)

6) Shhh! As you discuss with your team, keep your voice down so another team doesn’t hear your answer!

7) If you must use your cell phone for a call while we are in a round, leave the group and make your call inside the Market. You will not be able to rejoin your group until the round is finished.

8) In the event of a tie, tying teams will go into a Sudden Death speed round!

9) NO we won’t tell you what the movie is in advance.  That’s part of the fun!  We’ll always give you a hint though – could be a genre, a release year, etc. – and this will also serve as a hint to many of the trivia categories for the night.

10) Trivia is free, but we encourage you to grab a bite at one of our host venue’s fantastic selection of restaurants!

Winning team gets Frida Cinema film tickets and concessions vouchers!

See you at 4th Street Market Movie Trivia Night!


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