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The Big Boss

Bruce Lee Weekend Kicks Off Friday with The Big Boss

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The world was introduced to Bruce Lee as a lead in his first starring vehicle — 1971’s The Big Boss, the opening entry in our Bruce Lee Weekend series!

City boy Chen (Lee) moves from Hebei to Thailand to live with his cousins and work at an ice factory, having swore to his dying mother to never get involved in any fight. However, after members of his family begin to disappear when the factory’s management enters the picture, subsequent mysteries and pressures force Chen to break a family vow and wage war on the tyrannical Big Boss (Han Ying-chieh).

The highest-grossing Hong Kong film at the time (surpassed by Lee’s own Fist of Fury), The Big Boss lays out Bruce Lee’s status as one of cinema’s most essential action stars from the get-go.

The Big Boss screens Friday, May 12th.


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