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Creepy AF Returns with Christmas Horror Favorite Gremlins Friday Night!

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Our friends at Creepy AF Show present Gremlins, Joe Dante’s holiday horror favorite!

In quaint Norman Rockwell-esque town Kingston Falls at Christmastime, inventor (Hoyt Axton) purchases a cute, fuzzy little Mogwai from a Chinatown shopkeeper’s grandson, who dispenses the above-mentioned warning before closing the deal. He brings the creature home to his son Billy (Galligan), a bank clerk who crushes on his co-worker Kate (Phoebe Cates), and who quickly develops a bond with his strange new pet, who he names Gizmo. But what happens when Gizmo gets wet? And even worse – what happens when you feed a Mogwai after midnight?

Featuring a delicate balance between family-friendly whimsy and nightmarish terror that few could pull off, Gremlins has become a Christmas movie-viewing tradition for many who grew up in the 80’s.

Gremlins screens Friday, December 22nd.


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