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Dark Signals

La Cundina Film Festival Presents Dark Signals This Saturday!

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The La Cundina Film Festival is back after our 2019 debut screening and this time, with the Halloween season around the corner, we’ve come to showcase something a little darker. We are proud to haunt The Frida Cinema with the premiere of Dark Signals, a horror anthology web series. This premiere features all six episodes of the first season, each episode helmed by a different director.

A streaming service known as VIBE has been hacked by a gas mask wearing pirate streamer known as Dr. Midnight. His aim is to disrupt viewing across the platform by replacing some of the programs with horror movies not offered by VIBE. In each episode, viewers are subjected to another interruption by Dr. Midnight who will present a new horror film to shock his audience with.

This independently produced anthology series is three years in the making throughout the pandemic. It encountered various hurdles (not least of which was a global pandemic) to make it to the big screen.

Dark Signals screens Saturday, September 23rd.


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