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Monster Movie Triple Feature by See It On 16mm This Friday!

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Join See It On 16mm for the second of three spooky season screenings on Friday! Starting at 7:30, they’re presenting a triple feature of Monster of Piedras Blancas, The Giant Gila Monster, and Robot Monster! A deliciously cheesy assortment of 50s B-movies if there ever was one, all three films are presented on rare 16mm prints, giving them even more of a retro flavor. Plus, they’re throwing in a special pre-show featuring old monster movie trailers, as well as drive-in snack advertisements and intermission clips between the films. The program will proceed as follows:

1) 20 Minute Monster Trailer Reel Pre-Show
2) Monster Of Piedras Blancas (’59)
3) The Giant Gila Monster (’59) [*EXTREMELY rare print*]
4) Robot Monster (’53)

There is no escape from the campy fun, so come on out and party like it’s 1957!

Friday, October 7th


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