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Sight & Sound & Screams Continues Sunday with Vampyr

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Carl Theodor Dreyer mesmerized audiences with Vampyr, the next film in our Sight & Sound & Screams series.

A traveller named Allan Gray (Nicolas de Gunzburg) arrives at a countryside inn seemingly beckoned by haunted forces. His growing acquaintance with the family living there soon opens up a network of associations between the dead and the living, which pulls him into an unsettling mystery. At its core: the troubled, chaste daughter Gisèle (Rena Mandel).

Known to be Dreyer’s first sound film, Vampyr intoxicates with its atmospheric tone and imagery.

Vampyr screens starting Sunday, October 22nd.
Sunday, Oct 22nd – 6:30pm
Monday, Oct 23rd – 6:30pm
Tuesday, Oct 24th – 6:30pm


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