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Skinamarink Slinks into The Frida This Week!

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Look under the bed for Skinamarink, Kyle Edward Ball’s tantalizing nightmare of a feature debut.

In 1995, Kevin and Kaylee live with their father in a quiet home. One night, the children wake up to find not just their father missing but also the doors and windows of their house. Overnight, they take to their toys in the living room, only lit by cartoons on TV as a distraction. Soon they realize they are not alone – not only is there something waiting for them just beneath the crevices of the dark, but it’s also stopping the next day from ever coming.

Having acquired a momentous amount of online buzz following its premiere at the 2022 Fantasia Film Festival, Skinamarink uses experimental storytelling and sound design to create an unspeakably evocative slice of analog horror as exciting and game changing as it is paralyzingly tangible

Skinamarink screens starting Thursday, January 12th.
Thursday, Jan 12 – 10:15pm
Friday, Jan 13 – 8:30pm
Saturday, Jan 14 – 8:30pm
Sunday, Jan 15 – 8pm


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