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The Third Saturday In October

The Third Saturday in October Double Feature Featuring Cast & Crew In-Person Friday Night!

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Experience horror relics lost in time with a special double feature of The Third Saturday in October Part V and The Third Saturday in October. Joining us for the evening will be cast and crew from the film! We can confirm that at least writer/director Jay Burleson and producer Frank Crafts in attendance, as well as actor Lew Temple!

A double feature of terror, The Third Saturday In October Part V sees unstoppable killer Jakkariah Harding once again stalking and butchering the football-loving residents of a small Alabama town, this time finding a treasure trove of victims after he chances upon a football watch party.

And then get ready to see how the horror began in Part I, which tells the story of a man on a mission to stop the death row escapee who murdered his daughter years ago.

Twice the scares, twice the laughs, and as outlandishly clever in its deception as every gore set piece it throws on screen, The Third Saturday In October films are a red-blooded American slice of southern gothic infused with a deliciously twisted sense of humor.

The Third Saturday in October Part V and The Third Saturday in October double feature screens Friday, August 18th.


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