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Poison For The Fairies

Trash-Mex Presents 1984 Horror Fantasy Poison for the Fairies Friday!

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Our friends at Trash-Mex are back to present Carlos Enrique Taboada’s 1984 supernatural classic, Poison for the Fairies.

In 1965 Mexico City, Flavia (Elsa María Gutiérrez), a wealthy yet lonely schoolgirl, befriends Veronica (Ana Patricia Rojo), a young orphan girl who has a fascination with witchcraft. Veronica convinces Flavia that she is a real witch and forces her to be her assistant. The children’s games gradually become more serious and Veronica demands more from Flavia.

Poison for the Fairies screens Friday, September 15th.
Friday, Sep 15th – 8:30pm


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