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Author: Charlotte Brungardt

The Birdcage

Volunteer of the Month Haley Harmicar on The Birdcage

Frida Blogger Charlotte Brungardt talks with February Volunteer of the Month Haley Harmicar about her VOTM pick, The Birdcage.
Stage Fright Cinematic Void
Event Recap

Event Recap: Cinematic Void’s Stage Fright + Cemetery Man Double Feature

Frida Blogger Charlotte Brungardt describes her time at Cinematic Void's Stage Fright and Cemetery Man double feature.
Under The Skin
Featured / Highlight

The Disquieting Odyssey of Under the Skin

Frida Blogger Charlotte Brungardt dives into Under The Skin, Jonathan Glazer's modern science fiction favorite.
Stop Making Sense Dance Party Recap

Event Recap: December Stop Making Sense Dance Party

Frida Blogger Kat Shea describes her time at last month's Stop Making Sense dance party screening.