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Author: Connor Davis

Paris Texas 2

On First Watching Paris, Texas

Frida Blogger Connor Davis shares his initial thoughts on Paris, Texas after watching it for the first time.
The Lobster

The Inhumanity of The Lobster

Frida Blogger Connor Davis analyzes the romantic and social intrigue of The Lobster.
Muppet Christmas Carol

Muppet Adaptations: The Muppets and Their Charm

Frida Blogger Connor Davis examines the enduring appeal of Muppet movie adaptations.
Ghost In The Shell

A Distinction Without a Difference: Animation and Live Action Adaptations

Frida Blogger Connor Davis questions the critical distinction made between animated and live-action films.
Mulholland Drive 2

Emotions Over Everything: On First Watching Mulholland Drive

Frida writing team member Connor Davis explores the beautiful enigma of David Lynch's Mulholland Drive.
The Scary Of Sixty First
Featured / Highlight

The Scary of Sixty-First, Distractions, and Isolation

Frida writing team member Connor Davis dives into the shady, lonely atmosphere of The Scary of Sixty-First.