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Author: Kay Jensen


The Art of Obsession: Robert Morgan’s Stopmotion

Frida Assistant Blog Editor Kay Jensen takes a look at the twisted artistry of Stopmotion.
Lisa Frankenstein

Monstrous Love: Lisa Frankenstein & Frankenhooker

Frida Blogger Kay Jensen compares and contrasts Zelda Williams' Lisa Frankenstein and Frank Henenlotter's Frankenhooker.

Thrills That Kill: 3 Brian de Palma Films

Frida Blogger Kay Jensen shares several of her favorite Brian De Palma movies in the wake of DePalm-a-Thon.
The Blair Witch Project
Featured / Highlight

Seen and Unseen: The Enduring Horror of The Blair Witch Project

Frida Blogger Kay Jensen takes a look back at the supernatural horror of The Blair Witch Project.

Can You Dig It: Gordon Parks’ Shaft

Frida Blogger Kay Jensen analyzes the transgressive appeal of Shaft, Gordon Parks' blaxploitation classic.
's Baby
Featured / Highlight

The Subtle Body Horror of Rosemary’s Baby

Frida Blogger Kay Jensen takes a look at Rosemary's Baby's treatment of pregnancy and motherhood.
Featured / Highlight

Never Lived: Disability and Horror in 1930s Cinema

Frida Blogger Kay Jensen examines the depiction of disability in two classic horror films, Frankenstein and Freaks.
Film Review Barbie

(P)Inkblot Test: Making Sense of Barbie

Frida writing team member Kay Jensen analyzes the various threads of Greta Gerwig's Barbie.
The Ritual 2
Featured / Highlight

The Ritual: Fear & Mysticism in Rural Sweden

Frida writing team member Kay Jensen explores the supernatural horror of David Bruckner's The Ritual.
The Muppet Movie

Time to Light The Lights: 3 Showstopping Muppet Movies

Frida writing team member Kay Jensen shares 3 of her favorite Muppet movies in anticipation of The Muppet Movie next week.