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South Park Bigger Longer And Uncut

The Biggest, Longest and Most Uncut Review of All Time!

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The year: 1999. The Show in question: South Park. My parent’s decision in allowing my sister and me to see a certain movie in theaters: Negative. Apparently, we were not quite primed and ready for what is arguably the greatest animated film to hit the screen. We could do a full review and recap of South Park’s illustrious history and impact on pop culture, but who has time when we’re just here to party like it’s 1999 and talk about South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut? The film’s poster features beauty in simplicity with only two words in the tagline: “Uh Oh.” 

Uh Oh is right! Imagine an animated, two-dimensional film that features toe-tapping musical numbers that teach the youth about the worries behind using swear words. Maybe my parents should have allowed us to learn that lesson, but at the end of the day, they still would have lost that battle. The creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, have been the kings of peak cultural content since the show first aired in 1997. Over 300 episodes later, and you’ll find yourselves staring straight in the face of important iconography that we’ll be talking about for years and even generations to come. The film’s plot concerns the four primary characters, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman, in a battle of good versus evil and also a battle with Canada. Did I mention that this is also a musical? And a great musical at that. From the musical stylings of Isaac Hayes all the way to a hard rock anthem about figure skating legend Brian Boitano eating spicy chicken wings, the film’s soundtrack is essential in chronicling all that it means to be a human being no matter good or bad. 

Subtlety is a word you will never hear when describing or talking about South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. There is no need to scratch your chin and ponder the meaning of a sequence and number like “Kyle’s Mom’s a B*tch.” But it’s the pairing of decent choreography and cinematography that is not only on par with some of the great musicals of all time but was a showcase of what was to eventually come with the 2004 cult classic, Team America: World Police and the 2011 Tony Award-winning masterpiece, The Book of Mormon.

South Park Bigger Longer And Uncut 2A film that is fairly tough to sum up in a simple logline, we are treated to the complexities of international relations and tensions, espionage, existential dread, parental control, and the pains of growing up in love. Oh right, and also not being allowed to watch an R-rated movie. Did I mention that one already? I’m not bitter. Crude, loud, and bold as just about any film from 1999 and in animated film history, South Park’s message is actually treated with a tender grace which is probably the most subtle thing about it. While South Park’s running gags have changed drastically from the early years (we miss your prominence, Terrence and Phillip), its commitment to artistry in a brash yet sentimental way is what makes it a transformative piece of media. 

Bigger, Longer & Uncut clocks in at a brisk 81 minutes despite seeming longer in the best ways possible. Nothing is wasted from the scenes, lines of dialogue, musical numbers, or even instances of animated debauchery. Nothing and nobody is safe from this comedic onslaught. It can be easy to throw this movie to the wind at times due its over-the-top satire and sometimes dated content, but why limit yourself just because of that? It’s a true ruckus of a film that needs to be added to just about everyone’s film library. And yes, Mom and Dad finally allowed that. Uh Oh.

A conversation erupted behind The Frida counter just recently under the question, “What is your favorite South Park episode?” From high school students to those some may consider “middle aged,” everyone seemingly had a definitive answer, a true testament to the generational gap the show and movie bridge and the respect it has always deserved. Maybe you like fish sticks, maybe you are a secretly masked vigilante, or maybe you are indeed a Colorado-based geologist who moonlights as New Zealand pop star Lorde. Either way, you’ll never find such a far-reaching community of belly laughers, even if it may come to the chagrin of some. Either way, it’s easy M’kay!

South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut screens starting Friday, March 22nd.
Friday, Mar 22nd – 10:15pm
Saturday, Mar 23rd – 10:15pm
Sunday, Mar 24th – 8:15pm


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