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Our In Defense Of... series continues as our amazing Graphic Design and Social Media Director Bekah Phillips comes to the defense of one of her all-time beloved favorites, Steven Spielberg's 1991 family classic Hook!

Robin Williams as Peter Banning, a successful but work-obsessed lawyer who has long forgotten his magical childhood as the one and only Peter Pan. When his children are kidnapped by the vengeful Captain Hook, played with sinister charm by Dustin Hoffman, Peter must return to Neverland to rescue them. Guided by plucky fairy Tinker Bell (Julia Roberts), Peter rediscovers his lost childhood, rekindles his imagination, and leads his old friends the Lost Boys in a thrilling showdown against Hook and his band of pirates. With lush visuals, a whimsical score by John Williams, and an enchanting blend of humor and heart, Hook is a captivating tale of adventure, and the enduring power of imagination.

Hook received a mix of critical reviews upon its release, but was then nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects, and won the Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film. Over the years the film has grown into a beloved cult classic, appreciated for its nostalgic charm, imaginative storytelling, and humorous, self-aware performances by its cast. Spielberg's unique take on the Peter Pan legend continues to inspire and delight viewers of all ages, cementing its place as a cherished family favorite.

  • Rating PG
  • Running time 141
  • Genre Adventure

Movie Times

Monday, July 29th