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Return of The Night of Shyamalan

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Return of The Night of Shyamalan

Return of The Night of Shyamalan

Let's twist again like we did last year, for the Return of The Night of Shyamalan, a double feature of two secret M. Night Shyamalan movies, is upon us!

In a career of major ups and downs, the story of his behind his filmography is fascinating. Starting off with massive commercial and critical hits like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs, Newsweek famously dubbed him "the next Spielberg". After five years of lukewarm to bad reception of his movies The Village, Lady In The Water , and The Happening, Night hit a career low with his adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Then, in 2015, with a comeback that would make his fictitious hometown hero Rocky blush, Shyamalan rose from the ashes with a (continuing) streak of hits, including The Visit, Split, Glass, Old, and the reason for the season: Knock At The Cabin.

Nobody in the Hollywood machine makes movies quite like Shyamalan. An extremely earnest filmmaker that never compromises his vision, cinema sorely needs more writer/directors like him. Come celebrate two of his most interesting visions with us.

  • Rating R
  • Running time 200
  • Genre Thriller

Movie Times

Monday, July 22nd