April 24, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Hey now! Rock and roll at The Frida Cinema on Wednesday, April 24th when Los Angeles Arts Society returns with 1986’s True Stories – a completely cool, multi-purpose movie from Talking Heads frontman David Byrne!
With little more than his tremulous voice and quirky observations, Byrne takes viewers on a tour through the small town of Virgil, Texas, in the days leading up to its sesquicentennial Celebration of Specialness. Through encounters with such characters as lovelorn Louis Fyne (John Goodman), a benevolent voodoo magician (Pops Staples), and a civic leader prone to marital strife and playing with his food (Spalding Gray), our nameless narrator weaves together gentle social commentary and amusingly strange vignettes in a uniquely picturesque depiction of modern American life. This depiction is rendered all the more vivid by Talking Heads’ delightfully-driven soundtrack, which playfully underscores the film’s idiosyncratic tone and captures the eccentric energy of Virgil and its inhabitants.
When the tour ends and the film is over, join Stephen Tobolowsky – one of the film’s screenwriters, and a prolific actor with credits including Groundhog Day, Californication, and Silicon Valley – for a Q&A full of funny but true stories about the making of the movie! Not only that, but he’ll also be signing his books My Adventures With God and The Dangerous Animals Club. Copies will be available for purchase in the lobby!
The movie starts at 7pm, but come early!  At 6:30pm, doors open for the Television Man Preshow, a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience your favorite Talking Heads videos and performances on the big screen!
Tickets will be $15 the night of the event, but buy early – advance tickets are $12 online and at the Frida box office through April 23rd!
Special Rental event.  Frida Cinema Film Club ticket discounts and Comp Passes not valid. 
We would like to give a very special thanks to Mr. Tobolowsky for spending his evening with us!  We can’t wait for you to join us on what’s sure to be a wild, wild night!
Directed by David Byrne | 1986 | 89 mins | Rated PG
Wednesday, April 24 — 7:00pm

Praise for True Stories:

“This is not a musical. It’s a bold attempt to paint a bizarre American landscape. This movie does what some painters try to do: It recasts ordinary images into strange new shapes.” — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“What makes True Stories so wildly different from the dream-visions of all the quirky and hip directors who followed its example is its vehement refusal to condescend to or mock the people on screen.” — Sydney Wegner, Film Freak Central

“An exuberant and wonderfully oddball stew of deadpan comedy, character drama, music video, and art installation.” — Jason Bailey, Flavorwire

Praise for Stephen Tobolowsky:

“It’s no secret that Stephen Tobolowsky is a splendid storyteller, so it was no surprise that I found My Adventures with God to be an absolute delight from start to finish.  You don’t have to be religious—much less Jewish—to enjoy all of the funny, moving, startling, touching, and eminently relatable stories contained therein.” — Steve Stoliar

“Stephen Tobolowsky has found his true calling as a storyteller. He is candid, insightful, often profound, and very, very funny, especially when he recounts his adventures in show business. By blending sharp memories of his childhood with astute, adult observations of the world around him, he weaves a spell not unlike Jean Shepherd or Garrison Keillor… but he has a voice all his own, and I love it.” — Leonard Maltin

“No one spins yarns and knits them into a lyrical fabric of self like Tobolowsky: deep, warm and a little itchy but you love it.” — Marc Maron