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Author: Austin Jaye

Austin enjoys aimlessly wandering around outside and taking years to finish one Dostoyevsky book. They also like writing and occasionally writing about film, but apparently not as much as they like a good yo-yo.
's Gate
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Heaven’s Gate: Up in Smoke

Frida Administrative Assistant Austin Jaye analyzes Heaven’s Gate in anticipation of it screening for his birthday.

The Royal Tenenbaums

The Writer’s Room: The Films of Wes Anderson

In honor of Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, the members of the Frida writing team share some of their favorite films by the director.

The Outwaters 2
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The Outwaters: Show Them

Frida writing team member Austin Jaye explores the cosmic horror of Robbie Banfitch’s The Outwaters.

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Skinamarink: Under the Bed

Frida writing team member Austin Jaye examines the unsettling “anti-nostalgia” underlying Skinamarink.

Queens Of The Qing Dynasty

NYFF60: Queens of the Qing Dynasty

Frida writing team member Austin Jaye reviews Queens of the Qing Dynasty for the 60th New York Film Festival.

We’re All Going To The World’s Fair
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The Pixelated Dark of We’re All Going to the World’s Fair

Frida writing team member Austin Jaye dives into the digital rabbit hole of Jane Schoenbrun’s Sundance breakout, We’re All Going to the World’s Fair.

Out Of The Blue

Out of the Blue: Burn Out, Fade Away

Frida writing team member Austin Jaye takes on Out of the Blue, Dennis Hopper’s 1980 family drama.

Peter Bogdanovich
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Remembering Peter

Frida writing team member Austin Jaye pays tribute to Peter Bogdanovich, the New Hollywood maverick who passed away this week.

Ai Artificial Intelligence
Film Criticism

Y2K Films: The Digital Heartache of A.I.

“I am. I was.”

Yiyi 002.tif

Y2K Films: Yi Yi

” And a one, and a two . . . “


Y2K Films: The Radical Legacy of Tom Green 

A dive into the work of Tom Green and the legacy left behind in the twenty years since his infamous 2001 “comedy”. Prepare the sausage.

Mulholland Drive Diner Scene 1108×0 C Default

Y2K Films: Mulholland Drive, No Hay Banda

“Much more than an enigma to be cracked, Mulholland Drive takes as its subject the very act of solving: the pleasurable and perilous, essential and absurd process of making narrative sense, of needing and creating meaning. Whether or not they explicitly pose the question, Lynch’s late films ponder the role of story at times when reality itself can seem out of joint.” — Dennis Lim, ‘The Man From Another Place’, 2015

Unnamed (1)

Minari Minari, Wonderful Wonderful

A poem written in response to Lee Issac Chung’s 2020 Sundance breakout.

Monkeybone Cover

Y2k Films: ‘Monkeybone’ At 20 

It has been twenty years since the release of Henry Selick’s 2001 fantasy comedy. Austin Jaye goes Down Town in a deep look at the film and its history.


Harold And Maude: Life, Death, & Sunflowers 

A personal poem delving into the power of Hal Ashby’s 1971 dark comic masterwork.