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Author: Justina Bonilla

A film enthusiast, with a passion for classic, musical, cult, and horror films. Justina is also a freelance writer and blogger.
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Eli Roth 50th Birthday Celebration: HOSTEL

In anticipation of Eli Roth’s 50th birthday, Frida writing team member Justina Bonilla explores Hostel’s treatment of Latino identity through Jay Hernandez’s character Paxton.

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Frida writing team member Justina Bonilla interviews director Brendan Bubion about his new documentary Con Su Pluma en Tu Mano: The Ballad of Gustavo Arellano.

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To Sir, With Love: Sidney Poitier (1927-2022)

Frida writing team member Justina Bonilla reflects on the life and career of the one and only Sidney Poitier.

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Saturday the 14th: Interview with Producer Julie Corman

In this extensive interview, Julie shares with us the responsibilities of producing, her memories of Saturday the 14th, and her inspirations for filmmaking.

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Later Days: Interview with co-director and co-writer Sandy Sternshein

Later Days, the upcoming independent comedy film, features local film teacher Sandy Sternshein as a co-director and co-scriptwriter alongside Brad Riddell.

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History of Horror

Frida writing team member Justina Bonilla interviews Eli Roth’s History of Horror show runner Kurt Sayenga about his work on the AMC documentary series.

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6 Must-See Denzel Washington Performances

In anticipation of our upcoming screenings of Malcolm X, Frida writing team member Justina Bonilla shares her list of 6 must-see Denzel Washington performances.

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Justina Bonilla’s Top 10 Favorite Richard Donner Productions

In tribute to the late, great Richard Donner, Frida writing team member Justina Bonilla shares her 10 favorite films and television episodes directed by him.


The Decline of Western Civilization: 40th Anniversary Interview with Penelope Spheeris

Frida writing team member Justina Bonilla talks with director Penelope Spheeris on the eve of the 40th anniversary of her groundbreaking punk documentary The Decline of Western Civilization.

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Top 10 A Nightmare on Elm Street Death Scenes

Frida writing team member Justina Bonilla catalogues the 10 best kills from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series.

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AAPI Heritage Month: Oscar Pioneers

Frida writing team member Justina Bonilla lists the various Asian American and Pacific Islander talents to be awarded and nominated throughout Oscar history.

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10 Horror Movies to See From 1960

1960, was a monumental year for horror films. These films heavily influenced and set the creative standard for the horror films of the second half of the 20th century, and well into the 21st century. Many of these films are considered cinematic classics. To honor the 60th anniversary of these films is a list of 10 films every horror fan should see.

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10 Horror Essentials From 1980

1980 was an amazing year for groundbreaking and entertaining horror films. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Frida drive-in screening of The Shining, on November 27th, we highlight ten horror films every film fan should see.

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10 Spike Lee Joints to See

In honor of the newly released Spike Lee joint Da 5 Bloods, here are ten other unique Spike Lee Joints, you should see.

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10 Must Watch LGBT+ Comedies

Celebrating Pride 2020 safely at home, we take a look at 10 LGBT+ comedy films that are as diverse as the community itself. A special thanks to Frida Board Member Atalia Lopez and Frida volunteer Dina Bdaiwi for their advising contributions for the films on this list.